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Where will the Saudi Plane Crash?

In recent days, the Lebanese capital has become covered in "We are all Saad" posters, reminiscent of those that had been posted on the eve of the January 2011 revolution in Egypt "We are all Khalid Said," a kid kidnapped by police and died under torture in one of Hosni Mubarak prisons.

Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

” Committing terrorist acts all across the globe and killing hundreds in Australia, Canada, Kenya, Italy, Yemen, Tunisia, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Denmark, France, Sweden and Turkey, Daesh apologized to Israel as shots were fired from a territory under its control.

What is the GreenMetric World University Ranking?

Hosted by Istanbul University, the workshop was held on 9-10 April 2017 in Istanbul, nearly 100 people attended, including rectors, vice rectors, experts, landscape architects, city planners, academic staff, executive officers from the ministries of environment, and energy managers and stakeholders from 20 different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Jordan, Russia, India, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Morocco.