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UN Roadmap to Peace in Libya: Will Khalifa Haftar be left on the Sidelines?

Taking all of this into consideration, the following question should be asked: Is it possible to form a democratic state in Libya, in which power is transferred peacefully and the military is a subservient of the civilian administration, through the UN’s initiative? To answer this question, one should realize that the regional vision represented by the UAE is an order relying on introverted military-bureaucratic regimes and Madkhali Salafism, an archaic interpretation of Islam.

Trump expected to announce Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Palestine’s official news agency WAFA reported on Sunday that the Palestinian leader has also spoken to many world leaders and sent statements to the African Union, the Arab League, Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well as the UN, the US, Russia, and the EU about the prevention of US’ plan to relocate its embassy in Israel which would “ax the peace process.

Turkish Red Crescent to support 1,500 Palestinian Families

The deal of the project that is planned to start on 1 December this year, was signed between the Turkish Red Crescent, Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Credit Guarantee Fund, Turkey's Disaster Management Agency (AFAD), the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), WAFA Group and the Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Center for Islamic Countries (SESRIC).

The Ethnic Struggle in Kirkuk

In fact, in his manuscript titled “Tales from the Caliphate Army and Turks’ Virtue,” Arab scholar al-Jahiz wrote that “ideas about racial discrimination in order to protect Islam are false, especially after living under peace and trust that is facilitated by Turks.

The United Nations in an Age of Transition I: World Order and Realpolitik

The resulting political vacuum in countries such as Iraq and Libya was quickly filled by groups acting in the name of a so-called “Islamic State,” and the chain of destabilizing events – leading to widespread state failure in the Middle East – has now even reached the gates of Europe, with the refugee crisis threatening political stability in core countries of the European Union and endangering the cohesion of the Union itself.

What’s happening in Saudi Arabia?

Therefore, we can read large scale anti-corruption operations targeting Saudi Arabia’s high-level administration and the discourse on transitioning to “moderate Islam” as a reflection of domestic consolidation in effort to form a more inclusive coalition.