Nia Deliana

Deliana earned a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Human Sciences, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). Her dissertation concentrates on precedent international relations between South Indians and Indonesia (Aceh). Before joining UIII, Dr. Deliana was a part-time lecturer at IIUM. She co-founded the Aceh-Turkey Cultural Centre (Pusat Kebudayaan Aceh dan Turki). Her research interest includes Indonesia’s classical and contemporary foreign affairs in the Indian Ocean, multilateralism between South India and the Malay Peninsula, and identity politics, constructed through the theoretical lens of Braudel's Mediterranean, Wellerstein's world system, and numerous critical theory approach. She has published on numerous issues. Her latest work includes a chapter on the Rohingya during the Pandemic published in CoronAsur: Asian Religions in the Covidian Age, edited by Emily Zoe Hertzman et al. l (2023).