Interuniversity Board Condemns the Coup Attempt in Turkey

July 16, 2017

Following the recent coup attempt in Turkey, public and private institutions made public statements condemning the coup attempt by an illegally organized terrorist group within the Turkish Armed Forces. The New Turkey is pleased to publish the public announcement of the Interuniversity Board of Turkey (ÜAK) upon their request.

Turkish Interuniversity Board (ÜAK) strongly condemns the recent coup attempt to overthrow the democratically elected and legitimate Government of Turkey. Serving as an active voice of freedom and democracy, all our universities stand against this unacceptable and shameful attempt against our national will and our parliamentary democracy, the rule of law and freedom. Remembering the devastation in our recent history caused by the previous coups, we also invite all academics and students in the world to stand against this attempt.

Please note that the authorities are now in full control of the unwelcome attempt to depose The Grand National Assembly and overthrow the legal government in Turkey, and that all educational institutions, including universities, academies, community and vocational colleges and related educational establishments thereof are open and freely functioning.

We urge our international colleagues not to allow Islamophobia to cloud their judgments and acknowledge that we all members of Interuniversity Board of Turkey involving all rectors, fully support Turkish Grand National Assembly, its elected representatives of all political parties and endorse peoples’ resistance to the anti-democratic coup d’état attempt.

Interuniversity Board of Turkey


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