Allegations of Organ Theft by Israel Add Insult to Injury in Gaza

December 27, 2023

The allegations of organ theft by Israel have triggered international outcry, with human rights organizations and activists demanding a thorough investigation into the matter.
An aerial view of burial of the 80 Palestinians who died in Israeli attacks, to a mass grave at Tel al-Sultan Cemetery in Rafah, Gaza on December 26, 2023. Photo by Anadolu Images.


ocal authorities in Gaza have accused Israel of stealing organs from the bodies of Palestinians, adding to the misery of Palestinians who are facing genocide there. In a strongly worded statement, the government media office in Gaza asserted that the examination of bodies revealed significant changes, pointing to the alleged theft of vital organs.

The statement particularly criticized what it deemed “the silent position of international organizations operating in Gaza,” including the International Committee of the Red Cross, regarding this alleged crime committed by the Israeli occupation.

The accusations come as Israel released the bodies of dozens of Palestinians killed during its ground operation. The bodies were received by the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza through the Kerem Shalom border crossing. According to Marwan Al Hams, the director of Mohammed Yousef El Najar Hospital in Rafah city, the bodies arrived in various conditions—some intact, others in pieces, and some decomposed.

The Gaza-based government media office claimed that the Israeli army handed over bodies without specifying from where they were seized. The statement further alleged that Israel repeated such acts during the ongoing genocide, even exhuming bodies from graveyards.

International outcry and calls for investigation

The allegations of organ theft have triggered international outcry, with human rights organizations and activists demanding a thorough investigation into the matter. The Euro-Med Monitor, a human rights group, had previously accused Israel of stealing bodies from Gaza’s medical facilities for potential illegal organ harvesting.

In a report released earlier, the Euro-Med Monitor stated that the Israeli army took bodies from medical complexes in the northern Gaza Strip, including the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Indonesian Hospital. The report claimed that Gaza’s medical experts found evidence suggesting the absence of organs, including corneas, in bodies returned to their families.

The Geneva-based organization also accused Israel of keeping the bodies in freezing temperatures, potentially to conceal organ theft. Israel has a history of holding Palestinian bodies, with some kept in morgues, a secret facility near the Jordanian border, and others still missing and unidentified.

The health ministry in Gaza has revealed that scores of bodies of unidentified Palestinians were buried in mass graves multiple times throughout Israel’s indiscriminate war on Gaza. In an effort to aid future identifications, Salama Maarouf, head of the government’s press office, stated, “We have documented all the bodies and photographed all distinguishing marks before burying them in the mass grave.”

Global concerns and urgent appeals

The allegations of organ theft add a disturbing layer to the genocide in Gaza. The international community has expressed deep concern over these accusations, urging a swift and impartial investigation to uncover the truth.

In his Christmas message, Pope Francis voiced his concern over the humanitarian situation in Gaza, emphasizing the need for an end to military operations and a solution to the desperate humanitarian situation. The pope’s plea for peace and his call for international support to address the Palestinian question now resonate more strongly amid these shocking allegations.

The United Nations and other international organizations are under increasing pressure to intervene and ensure a comprehensive investigation into the organ theft allegations.

As the genocide continues to unfold, the international community awaits Israel’s response to these serious accusations and anticipates concrete actions to address the broader humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The quest for truth and justice in the face of these disturbing allegations remains at the forefront of global concerns.

Sources: TRT World and the New Arab

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