Project competition by Vassalam to employ women in Africa

November 22, 2017

Assalam Youth Challange by Vassalam has launched a Project Competition “Care for your orphan” in order to help mothers of orphans in Zanzibar to reach a sustainable income by founding tailoring academies.  

Assalam Youth Challange by Vassalam have launched a Project Competition “Care for your orphan” in order to help mothers of orphans in Zanzibar to reach a sustainable income by founding tailoring academies.

New pilot tailoring academies have opened in Zanzibar. Mothers of orphans are trained in tailoring and the products made by them such as clothes and accessories are sold under the brand of ‘Kanga Africa’ around the world.

The project competition by Vassalam seeks to find ways to spread the project and help more and more women in horrid conditions.

Tailoring is already an important means of living in Africa and by selling their products around the world, orphans and their mothers will have a chance to stand on their feet.

As it is stated on the website of the Project; “Within the context of the project, sewing workshops are founded in poor districts of Africa and mothers are trained. Further if they attend the courses regularly they are provided with salary. After three months of education they are recommended to continue to sew and produce clothes at home. Their products are commercialized online and the revenues are used for more workplaces and more women employment.”

The aim is to help women and children; the most affected victims of plagues, wars, and poverty. Vassalam tries to support these groups, which are still on the rise as the issue of poverty continues to be a major problem. Orphans have become the eighth largest population group in the world.

Participants are expected to make a maximum 3 minute video to explain their ongoing project or idea to spread this project all over Africa.

Candidates for the project are expected to contribute to the tailoring project with an idea which is already applied and would benefit the project or which has not been implemented before.

Participants must be between 18-35 years old.

The owners of the 7 best projects will be invited to the Zanzibar Youth Challenge Camp which will be held in-between 10-25 February, 2018 in Zanzibar. Winners will be provided with plane tickets and all inclusive accommodation for 2 weeks by Assalam in order to prepare interactive workshops and contribute to the soul of the project.

Examples include the creation of a product made by African fabric that can be sold in large volumes to the world or a way to reach more followers on social media.

As it is stated on their website, “the camp will be held in the island Zanzibar, on a small fisherman village called Dimbabi where the stitching workplace is founded. Participants will gain great experiences with tropic tastes and have enjoyable times.

The main aim will be to find ways to place the project on sustainable grounds on every level from financing to design, from marketing to social media and make sure it receives worldwide attention.”

The Project was announced on November 17, the deadline for application is January 15.
Winners will be announced on January 31.

More information can be found on the initiative’s website;

*Written by Suna Nur Sarihan. 

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