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Is a Regional War at the Door in the Middle East?

The fact that the Houthis, one of the most effective actors in the civil war in Yemen, which is the world’s poorest country facing a humanitarian crisis, attacked merchant ships in response to Israel’s brutality against the Palestinians can be seen as an example of the widening of the conflict front.

The Congressional Grilling of U.S. University Presidents and Israel

Read: Harvard President Caludine Gay Resigns Amidst Pro-Israel Pressure Congressional Questioning of University Presidents: Is Anti-Semitic Discourse a Tool of Repression? In the incident at the University of St Andrews, Stella Maris, who was elected rector in October, stated in an email that circulated within the university that Palestinians were under a regime of apartheid (siege, collective punishment); that 14,500 Palestinians had been killed in Israeli attacks; and that Israel's attacks amounted to genocide.

The Rohingya and Indonesia’s Buck-Passing

s the world is witnessing blatant atrocities against Palestinians in Gaza, it also bore witness to hundreds of displaced Rohingya children, women, and men being returned to sea just hours after disembarking from a boat in Aceh, Indonesia on December 27.