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What’s behind Germany’s Unconditional Support for Israel?

lthough modern German foreign and security policy has periodically evolved at critical junctures in the international system, especially after the unification of Germany, overall, the country has elicited respect in the eyes of the international community as a power with a considerable anti-militarist and "multilateralist" tradition.

Is a Regional War at the Door in the Middle East?

ill the conflict that began after Israel’s disproportionate and genocidal attacks on Gaza following Operation Al-Aqsa Flood by Hamas on October 7 turn into a regional war? First, it is useful to emphasize that Operation Al-Aqsa Flood caused a major rupture not only in the Palestinian-Israeli issue, but in the Middle East as a whole.

African Geopolitics: Risks and Opportunities

The issues that are expected to be most prominent in Africa during this year are the elections scheduled for 2024 in Africa, the security of the Sahel region, the geopolitics of the Red Sea, the risks posed by terrorist organizations across the continent, and economic growth and food security.