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Can NATO Bypass the Security Complex Mentality?

Read: China Beware, Russia-Ukraine War Unified EU and NATO As Never Before The second decade after the Cold War The second decade following the end of the Cold War was sealed by 9/11 when the United States’ “war on terror” and NATO’s activation of Article 5 for the first time in its history brought the alliance into Afghanistan.

The Geopolitics of Russia-Turkey Relations amid the Ukraine War

As a result, Russia's relative weight in Turkey's natural gas import was lessening, Turkey’s relationship with Ukraine and Azerbaijan was deepening, the normalization with Armenia was initiated, institutionalized dialogue mechanisms with the Central Asian republics were established, and the dialogue with the USA, Qatar, and Pakistan over Afghanistan was held.

Just and Unjust Wars: The Need for a Third Way

Read: From Afghanistan to Palestine: ICC Tackles Politically Charged Cases Proportional and indiscriminate war Despite the principles of jus in bello, in almost all wars, whether waged by state or non-state actors, civilians have always, directly and indirectly, fallen victims of attacks carried out by parties that claim to be fighting a just war.