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Trump, Media, Journalism Ethics and “Others”

During the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and in addition to this, the illegal occupation of Palestine and the massacre of thousands of people resulting from continuous attacks by Israel, the media has either played the role of the three monkeys or have been the congratulatory fifth arm of imperialism, or has either supported or provoked attempts through propaganda like journalistic practices.

Distant Suffering: Images of the Syrian War

Although the fact remains that the conventional and social media have set a strong agenda through Aylan, the question is what has been changed with this sensational photo of a little child at the end of the day? Has Aylan’s image triggered any mass social movement in Europe or America? How many Western governments expressed a sense of responsibility in housing refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan? Overwhelmingly dramatizing the death of innocent children has not stopped suffering in Syria for a year.

Turkey’s ISIS Problem

Significant losses on the side of ISIS last year are likely to have influenced its command structure to implement a new exit plan, which in turn will prepare the ground for ISIS terror groups in other countries such as Libya or Afghanistan.

On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Ethnicity Regimes

Interestingly, if the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan succeeded, there are indications that the Soviets would re-organize Afghanistan as a multi-ethnic federation by, possibly, annexing the Turkmen and Uzbek parts to Uzbek and Turkmen Soviet Socialist republics and re-organize the rest as Pashtun, Khazara and other ethnically defined socialist republics.