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The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for the Two Koreas

Read: How Germany's Foreign Policy Changed towards Russia after the War in UkraineFaced with isolation by most of the international community, it is likely that Russia will attempt to mitigate the impact to its economy by offering increased arms transfers to North Korea as barter trade for access to North Korea’s untapped mineral wealth, hence portending the likelihood of North Korea acquiring a more modern conventional arsenal that the ROK will have to take seriously in light of its declining fertility rate.

China Beware, Russia-Ukraine War Unified EU and NATO As Never Before

”Read: Russian Invasion of Ukraine from an International Law PerspectiveGermany reversed its historic policy against sending weapons to conflict zones, as Switzerland defied its long-standing policy of neutrality by sending anti-tank weapons and other forms of military aid, with the European Union, for the first time ever, agreeing to directly finance the purchase and the delivery of arms for the Ukrainian military, a move described by the president of the European Commission as a “watershed moment.

Omicron Reveals Racism against Africans, Once More

What is even more telling for Africans is that, by 30 November, the health authorities of many of these European states – particularly the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany – announced that Omicron had been present in their countries as far back as November 19, suggesting that it had already been spreading in Europe days before its detection in Botswana and South Africa.