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The ICC vs. Israel: Three Main Scenarios

For example, Israeli President, Reuven Rivlin, was on an official visit to Germany where he, on March 18, met with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier, thanking him on behalf of Israel for opposing the ICC’s investigation of Israeli officials.

Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards Genocide

” Read: Communal India: Past, Present and FutureStanford University anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen argues in his new book, The Law of Force: the Violent Heart of Indian Politics, that Hindu nationalists have made “public violence and the mobilization of public anger into some of the most effective means of political expression in the country,” telling The Nation that “the enjoyment of violence, the pleasures of hatred and vengeful fantasies, and the license to kill” are factors that contemporary India shares with Nazi Germany on the eve of the Holocaust.

The Turcos of Latin America: The Story of 20th-Century Ottoman Migrants

VIDEO: Why Chile is giving citizenship to Palestinian refugeesThe colonial past of Latin America took a toll on the Levantine immigration: most of the Latin American elites with European origins saw the arrival of “Orientals” as a threat to the incipient identity of the population of their countries and more resources and facilities were given to immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Spain.