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Art, Artists and Politics: No Limits for Transgression?

For instance, drawing analogies between the political affairs of contemporary Turkey and former European dictatorships through theater plays written during the communist regime in the Balkans, the fascist era of Germany, or dictatorial regimes in Italy and Spain, with apparently no contextual concern, merely reduces art to an instrument of opposition.

Multi-speed EU: Cure All Remedy or Dead End?

com; EU’s big four back ‘multi-speed’ Europe) leaders of Europe’s largest economies France, Germany, Italy and Spain whilst meeting each other, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying: ‘We need to have the courage for some countries to go ahead if not everyone wants to participate.

A Divided Europe and Turkey

The tension Turkey had particularly with Germany, Austria and the Netherlands reached its peak when Turkish ministers were prevented from attending meetings scheduled in these countries as part of the April 16 referendum campaign.

Turkey and EU to get closer in 2018

elations between Turkey and the European Union had suffered serious damage following the July 15 coup attempt as EU Member States such as Germany had continued to support the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) and others had failed to support Turkey in its fight against terrorism.

Where will the Saudi Plane Crash?

Why did Saudis, who seemed to hold with the agreement of 2016 for the government of national unity in Lebanon, make this change? It must be seen as the claw of the strongman of the kingdom who, at the same time, consolidated his grip on power by getting rid of his rivals, in a brutal undertaking unprecedented in the history of the kingdom, that some compared, in a much exaggerated way, to a "night of long knives" in Nazi Germany in 1934.