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What’s behind Germany’s Unconditional Support for Israel?

lthough modern German foreign and security policy has periodically evolved at critical junctures in the international system, especially after the unification of Germany, overall, the country has elicited respect in the eyes of the international community as a power with a considerable anti-militarist and "multilateralist" tradition.

Germany Unveils First National Security Strategy: Migration, Energy, and Stability

On June 14, the German government announced that it broke away from the policy of "change through trade" on which German chancellors counted for years, especially Gerhard Schroeder, Angela Merkel, and Willy Brandt, to deal with countries with authoritarian regimes, to bring about change, but especially to enable industrial Germany to build up its strength as Europe's largest economy (despite having one of the largest U.

Has the End of Merkel’s Coalition Come in Germany?

If delegates ultimately come to a decision that ends the grand coalition government at Friday’s SPD convention, then Merkel will search for a new but unlikely coalition (with the Greens or/and FDP), or she will make efforts to govern the country under a minority government – an unprecedented situation in post-1945 Germany, and a situation which Chancellor Merkel does not favour and has ruled out several times.