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Lebanon’s Specter of Civil War

In Khalde, Hezbollah could not react to the Arab tribes avenging the death of one of their own at the hands of a Hezbollah member just like in Shwaya, where the Druze intercepted a Hezbollah rocket launcher as they refused to turn their homes into potential targets for Israeli retaliation.

Intifada 3.0: Trick or Treat?

Israel’s vulnerable nature was broadcast around the world as news outlets and the internet became flush with videos of barrages of rockets flowing out of Gaza at dozens of targets including Israel’s largest seaport Ashdod, the nearby Israeli settlement of Sderot, the seaside city of Ashkelon, Israel’s capital Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem.

Zionism and Hindu Nationalism Bring Israel and India Together

hen Israeli warplanes, artillery positions and armed drones rained missiles and bombs upon Gaza for 11 consecutive days last month, killing 253 Palestinians, 66 of whom were children, the Israeli Government received predictable support from the United States, but the words of solidarity it received from India has raised eyebrows around the world.

Russia’s Lebanese Matryoshka Doll

The Russian initiative comes in the midst of the nuclear talks in Vienna and with the pressure on the Iranian regime from Israeli strikes and military operations - most recently the attack on Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz and daily airstrikes that target Iran’s militias in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.