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With the US Withdrawing Its Support, Can the EastMed Project Now Turn Regional?

Read: France-Greece-Saudi Arabia Alliance in the Eastern MediterraneanThe pipeline was planned to run for about 1,900 km, starting from a midpoint between Israel and the island of Cyprus in the sea,  in the Israeli section of the Levantine Basin, and eventually reaching Italy via the island of Crete and Greece with the Poseidon and IGB pipelines, a gas interconnector pipeline which connects gas supplies coming from both Bulgaria and Greece.

How to Read Military and Trade Relations between China and Israel

The scope and diversity of the bilateral relations can be witnessed by a free trade agreement, China’s restoration of a number of Israeli ports, the construction of transportation tunnels in the Carmel region, the mobile phone sector, Israeli food and technology companies, and China’s bid for developing the world’s largest desalination plant in Israel – which was unsuccessful due to an American refusal.