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Has the Myth of the Global Village Ended Now?

” There are also some other socio-political indicators that highlight the probable end of the myth of the global village: the rise of the far right in European Union countries, the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, the Catalan independence movement in Spain, the Flemish movement in Belgium, the unofficial referendum of Venetian independence in Italy, Brexit, neo-Nazi tendencies in Germany, the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, anti-Islamic attacks, ethnic and denominational divisions in the Middle East, etc.

What is Sectarian Politics?

As an example of a radically changing perception, Hezbollah of Lebanon has recently transformed into a much hated actor in the eyes of Sunnis, whereas prior to the Arab Revolutions it was generally regarded as an organization heroically resisting Israeli aggression.

Russia in Syria

It is known that the United States and Russia have reached a memorandum of understanding regarding flying over Syrian skies and that Israelis guaranteed the safety of their skies during Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow only a day after the Russians declared their intentions to conduct air strikes in Syria.