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Identified, Tracked, and Profiled: The Politics of Resisting Facial Recognition Technology

He lays out examples, in a penetrating frame, of where and how facial recognition is used that, in turn, provoke the reader to consider the extent of its harms when it is wrongfully used for policing and surveilling, such as monitoring the forced labor of Uyghur workers in the Xinjiang province of China, publicly shaming residents that commit petty jaywalking offenses, or prejudicially profiling an individual.

The Saudi-Backed OPEC Plus Decision: A Weapon or a Hedge?

Read: Saudi and Emirati Pivot to Russia and China: Shift of Axis or Extreme Hedging? Consequences? Exactly what these consequences might be is not clear, but most likely they might take the form of a halt in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, notably the 300 MIM-104E Patriot missile system to counter ballistic and long-range cruise missiles.