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The Drone Warfare Revolution Has Arrived

he use of armed drones, or Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAVs), continues to evolve nineteen years after a CIA MQ-1 Predator drone saw its unsuccessful combat debut over Kandahar, Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, in the first days of the so-called “War on Terror.

Communal India: Past, Present and Future

  In one sense a red line was crossed when news came out of Delhi that at least one Mosque had been set on fire (February 25th, 2020), however, crossing lines concerning the huge Muslim 'minority' has been the history of post-independence India.

Calls to Reform the UN Security Council Are Getting Louder

While the “Uniting for Consensus” (UfC) movement, of which countries such as Italy, Spain, Argentina and Turkey are members, oppose the call to expand the Security Council with new permanent seats, and instead suggest a principle of rotation for the Council’s membership and a rejection of the “veto” privilege of certain states.

Why Turkey Needed S-400 Missile System

In the present situation, it has become a requisite for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party), which has successfully remained as a ruling power by overcoming all kinds of tutelage mechanisms since the early 2000s, to confront this problem.