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How Long Can Iran Resist US Pressure?

The Washington administration launched two-stage sanctions against Iran in August and November after the country’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA), and in April 2019, declared Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a foreign terrorist organization.

The End of the Liberal World?

ntering the long list of false prophets, Francis Fukuyama, in the summer of 1989, emphatically announced the “end of history,” suggesting that the progressive collapse of the Communist bloc and the supposed victory of its erstwhile adversary marked the “end point of mankind’s ideological evolution,” and that there existed a “remarkable consensus concerning liberal democracy as a system of government.

Turkey’s Reliable Diplomacy in the Somalia-Somaliland Talks

He oversaw a diplomatic mission that played a crucial role in acting as a trusted mediator in Somali politics – often arbitrating between the Federal government and the mutinous and unruly Federal member states in Somalia – and channelling the global humanitarian attention and focus to Somalia in the event of menacing droughts and national disasters like Al-Shabaab terrorist attacks.

The Politics of Uncertainty in Iran

President Rouhani rejected the resignation almost forthwith and stated that “as the Supreme Leader has described you a ‘trustworthy, brave and religious’ person in the forefront of resistance against widespread US pressures, I consider accepting your resignation against national interests and reject it.