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The Indo-Pacific: China, Australia, and the US Compete over Supremacy

hree years ago, when the Wall Street Journal reported that China had signed a secret agreement with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen granting Chinese armed forces exclusive rights to a Cambodian naval installation in the Gulf of Thailand, Beijing denounced the report as “fake news,” saying, it has “never made any such agreement as reported by foreign media outlets.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: What China Thinks

s a violation of international law that reneges on its commitment to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty under Article 1 of the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances, Russia’s February 2022 invasion is a test case that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is watching closely to assess U.

Will AUKUS Be Able to Encircle China?

nder American hegemony, Asia Pacific has experienced the longest period of peace since the start of the Industrial Revolution, but the emergence of China as a rival power has created a sense of insecurity not felt in the region since Imperial Japan invaded Nanjing in 1937, and then soon after the rest of southeast Asia.