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Intifada 3.0: Trick or Treat?

0 that has revived hopes for millions of people around the world who want to see Jerusalem saved from expanded occupation? On paper, the most vocal and aggressive Palestinian resistance groups, inside Palestinian territories, are Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

Political Assassinations: From the Assassins to Modern Politics

Following its establishment, Israel has assassinated key Palestinian political leaders, by planting bombs in their cars (writer Ghassan Kanafani); by poisoning them (Wadi Haddad, who is believed to have been assassinated by Israel by a poisoned chocolate bar); by direct shooting (fatal shooting of Islamic Jihad leader, Fathi Shaghaghi, who was gunned down in Cyprus, and Ahmed Yassin, Hamas’s supreme leader, who was killed by a missile fired by an Israeli helicopter as he left a mosque on a wheelchair in 2004).