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The Montreux Convention and the Russia-Ukraine War

Read: Russia-Ukraine War: Why India, Israel, and Pakistan Have Chosen SilenceIn order to ensure the security of the Black Sea littoral states, including Turkey, and the Black Sea itself, the convention limits the total tonnage of military ships that non-Black Sea littoral states can keep in the sea in peacetime to 30,000, and up to 45,000 tons under certain conditions, and to 21 days of stay (Article 18).

Arms Sell Like Hotcakes: Yemen Turns into a Hub for Arm Dealers

Weapons as an indicator of a troubled strategic partnership There is a close link between the war waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and the steady increase in the volume of its arms purchases to such an extent that in 2020, the country jumped to the forefront of countries importing weapons on the global level: according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), Saudi Arabia ranked second after India.

Azeem Rafiq’s Testimony Exposes ‘Institutionally’ Racist Culture

”Read: Hindutva Radicalization of the Indian Cricket TeamRafiq's experience A 57-page witness testimony, published by the DCMS select committee as part of Rafiq's submission to an employment tribunal, went into excruciating detail about Rafiq's experiences, which included hearing racist remarks from several other former Yorkshire and England players, including Matthew Hoggard, as well as sustained abuse and bullying from Ballance and former Yorkshire coach and captain Andrew Gale.