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The Geopolitics of Russia-Turkey Relations amid the Ukraine War

As a result, Russia's relative weight in Turkey's natural gas import was lessening, Turkey’s relationship with Ukraine and Azerbaijan was deepening, the normalization with Armenia was initiated, institutionalized dialogue mechanisms with the Central Asian republics were established, and the dialogue with the USA, Qatar, and Pakistan over Afghanistan was held.

The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: What China Thinks

Read: China vs Russia in Central Asia?Faced with such threats, the greatest concerns should be felt not by the nuclear powers and their treaty allies, but rather the various countries to whom the international community’s diplomatic and security obligations are rather more ambiguous.

Kazakhstan: Where Do Turkey and Turkic States Stand?

Read: CSTO Mission in Kazakhstan Will Have Implications for Central Asia Factors affecting Turkey’s approach to the events in Kazakhstan The events in Kazakhstan occurred in a limited time particularly as Kazakhstan is one of the country’s main partners in foreign policy and plays an important role in the Turkic world and Central Asia.