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A Year On, The Taliban Still Seek International Recognition

“We call upon regional and other countries, the United Nations, international organizations, and especially Islamic countries and organizations to recognize the Islamic emirate as a legitimate government, to have a positive collaboration with it, and remove all the imposed sanctions,” Mujib-ul Rahman Ansari, an Afghan cleric said during a three-day gathering of Afghan leaders on July 2, 2022.

The Indo-Pacific: China, Australia, and the US Compete over Supremacy

” Beijing, however, continues to deny the reports, even as Cambodian and Chinese officials took part in a ground-breaking ceremony at the Ream Naval Base on June 8, making it the second such overseas outpost for the Chinese military, but the first in the strategically significant Indo-Pacific region, raising fresh fears in the United States and its Western Pacific allies, particularly Australia, which have been on high alert since China signed a security pact with the Solomon Islands on March 30.