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Hungary Election: War in Ukraine Provokes Passive Voters

Read: The Western Balkans Must Reverse Their Brain Drain and Regain Their Youth The war in Ukraine and the election in Hungary On March 15, during rallies commemorating the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, an important event shaping the formation of the Hungarian national identity, the war in Ukraine shaped the electoral campaigns' narratives.

Normalizing with the Assad regime, Different Approaches at Different Levels

Read: How Will the Russia-Ukraine War Affect the Balkans? The UAE and Jordan, on the other hand, were on the opposite side and supported the Syrian opposition to varying degrees, but after the Russian intervention in 2015, the situation on the ground had changed, which, along with other factors such as the UAE's attempt to counter Turkey and contain Iran with a different approach in Syria, led to a change in the countries' priorities in their foreign policy toward Syria.

China’s Sanctions against Lithuania Go Almost Unnoticed

Read: China in the Balkans: More than Infrastructure ProjectsAlthough China-Lithuania economic ties are relatively insignificant, where China has little investment in Lithuania and Lithuania’s exports to China account for around 1% only, the sanctions have shifted some foreign companies’ interests in Lithuania due to the influence China has on the global supply chain.

Turkey is the New Strategic Player in Africa

VIDEO: How Political Borders Are Redrawn in the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle EastThe potential capabilities in many African countries in the sector of defense is likely to challenge the Western influence in the continent, especially with their interference in these countries, and as Turkey’s relations with Africa constitutes one of Turkey's significant foreign policy objectives, this strategic partnership have recently made some Western and post-colonial states including France anxious and fear that Turkey’s presence might threaten their economic, military and geopolitical interests.