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Meetings Between Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan will Amount to Little

Read: The Troubling Legacy of the Sykes-Picot: A Century-Old Chaos in the Arab Middle EastFurther, Iraq’s inherent instability and insecurity means that Egyptian workers will be ripe targets for terrorist organizations, whether groups like Daesh or even state-sanctioned groups like Kataeb Hezbollah, Badr Organization, and countless other Shia jihadist groups loyal to Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Forty-Two Years Later: Goals Fulfilled?

Nonetheless, the growing presence of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the region, the emergence of Lebanese Hezbollah in the early 1980s with Iran’s full backing, and the unwillingness of some Arab regimes including, but not limited to, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for a rapprochement with a “revolution-exporting Iran” undermined the prospects for normalization throughout the 1990s.