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Turkey is the New Strategic Player in Africa

Read: Turkey-Somalia Relations: A Decade of Substantial Strategic CooperationTurkey's investment as well as cultural activities in Africa have become diverse, and implemented by top governmental bodies including Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Yunus Emre Institute, the Turkish Maarif Foundation, Anadolu Agency, Turkish Airlines (THY) and the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (​​AFAD) and the Turkish Religious Foundation.

Corona Is For All And There Are Lessons To Be Learnt Globally

Kenyans distributing food and aid to the daily laborers that live in the slums of Nairobi who were affected by the curfews, Japan offering warm support to China at the height of the crisis in Wuhan, Turkey sending aid to Iran, Italy, Spain, and the Balkans, and Somalia sending 20 doctors to Italy, are a great start to governments collaborating positively during the crisis, which can be built upon in the future.