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Dissent against Bolsonaro Runs Deeper than COVID19 Mismanagement

But will the protests be enough to bring Bolsonaro down, especially when the rift between the left wing and the right wing in Brazil remains so pronounced? COVID19 mismanagement might create a common ground, but only within the pandemic context as, behind the scenes, Bolsonaro and his supporters have benefited from his right-wing, neoliberal agenda.

Indian Government’s Abuse of Muslims Under Global Scrutiny

"Read: India Makes the Lives of Kashmiri Prisoners Worse During COVID19Once again, the Indian government and its allies in the mainstream media are manufacturing a moral panic over alleged “Islamist” and “Pakistani” militant attacks in Kashmir to frame Muslims, writ large, the referent object in national security discourse in order to shift global attention away from its discriminatory policies, and domestic attention away from its economic failures.