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Turkey’s May 14 Elections Reveal a New Nationalist Turn

Is it a sacred nationalism, a secular nationalism, a statist nationalism, an idealist nationalism, or an anti-immigrant nationalism that has emerged as a reflection of the European far right, a nationalism that focuses on race and ethnicity, an inclusive nationalism that focuses on shared political values, a unionist nationalism, or a Kurdish ethnonationalism?Read: With Oğan's Endorsement, Erdoğan Scores One Last Goal against Kılıçdaroğlu CHP and HDP getting closer As a matter of fact, all these types of nationalism could write their own success stories in the May 14 elections.

A Secret Intelligence War between Morocco and France?

Read: Morocco-Algeria: Looming ConflictAnother example was Fight Impunity, the association created by Panzeri in Brussels, and which is now at the center of the scandal, which was exposed as the brainchild of the late Moroccan ambassador to the European Union, Menouar Alem, in a confidential report sent to the Moroccan foreign ministry in 2012.