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Stealing Innocence: The Theft of Refugee Children in Sweden

A few further problematic issues further stand out: (a) What is the record of Swedish social services when seizing children; (b) How effective are they in providing a loving, caring home to the seized children; (c) Are the religious, moral rights of the parents being respected in raising the stolen children as Muslims? First, the situation for unaccompanied refugee children in Europe, and state-seized refugee children in Sweden specifically, is abysmal.

“Godi Media” in Modi’s India: A War on Journalists?

Since then, the situation has deteriorated from bad to worse for journalists in both Kashmir and India, culminating with terrorism charges levelled against me and 101 other journalists, lawyers, academics, and human rights defenders in November of last year – for “promoting enmity between religious groups” across social media, an Orwellian way to describe reporting violent attacks committed by right-wing Hindu groups against Muslims in Tripura state in late October.

Revisiting Nusrat Ghani’s Islamophobia Claims

”Read: Assertive British Muslims: The New Generation of Political and Social InfluencersThe accusations made by Ghani have been previously echoed by former Tory peer Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the country's first female Muslim cabinet minister and a persistent campaigner against Islamophobia.

The Hindutva War on Christians in India

While attacks against Muslims have become the norm since 2014, with Hindu nationalist leaders and hate preachers openly urging genocide, as mobs belonging to fringe Hindu organizations, such as Bajrang Dal, hunt and lynch Muslims in the streets – the country’s 25 million Christians had, until now, been spared the worse of what has become a government backed effort to transform India into a Hindu-only nation.