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Is the Old Turkey Coming Back?

With this prescription and other additional measures in the Republic of Turkey, which was established on the renunciation of a heritage, Turkey’s 1000 years of history and identity were downplayed by disregarding that the country is the remnant of a great empire that encompassed Kurds, Circassians, Abkhasians, Muslims and non-Muslims.

The French Islam

Why does Islam scare the French?”, “All the disturbing facts about Islam,” “Islam and violence,” “Islam and the communitarianism threat,” “Islamophobia,” “The Republic against Islam,” “The Christians against Islam,” “Middle East, Israel, Islam,” “Our financial and Islamist enemies…” These captions about Islam and Muslims are from the front covers of two French weeklies, namely Le Point and L’express – published only within a year.

Freedom of Religion as a Pre-condition?

” Besides the fact that his first act as the new leader of the Bavarian government is most probably violating the constitution’s neutrality, and on the other hand, most of the four million Muslims in Germany would actually have no problem with Söder’s act of emphasizing Christianity, there are also some other statements by politicians which are also quite disputable.

The Hunchback of Germany: Right Populism

As if it’s not enough that Muslims are criminalized and discriminated in Germany on a daily basis both politically and socially because of their religious identity, the basic human rights of freedom of religion and the right to free practice of religion are literally trampled on within the headscarf debate.