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Can NATO Bypass the Security Complex Mentality?

Instruments of conflict will continue to be a challenge for NATO like proxies, private military companies, auxiliary force multipliers (social media and cyber “civilian” extensions), and hybrid operations other than traditional conventional and unconventional threats.

Experts Weight on Turkey’s 70th Anniversary of Joining NATO

“Turkey expects more support from NATO and its allies for activities aimed at stabilizing the region and the world as a country at the core of the alliance’s geopolitical future,” Fahrettin Altun, the head of media and communications in the Turkish presidency, said during the opening of “Changing Dynamics and Longstanding Alliance: Stronger with Turkey for 70 Years” panel in the Turkish capital, Ankara, where he discussed his country's contributions to NATO missions and operations as well as relations with the pact.

How Intelligence Agencies Turned into Foreign Policy Tools

o understand the changing structure of global intelligence, we must keep the following concepts and terminology in mind: technology-centered development, the increasing cyber espionage capacity of intelligence services, the developing relations between intelligence services and private intelligence companies, new-generation threats and risks that emerge with the rise of social media, open-source intelligence (OSINT) collection methods, and the concept of intelligence diplomacy.

Macron, the Gulf, and Islam

While the aim of the meeting was also to give a boost to bilateral relations - and to take advantage of the rift between Washington and Riyadh, with President Joe Biden refusing any contact with MBS - one of the objectives was a new mediation with Lebanon, which the Saudis are subjecting to a trade embargo that is aggravating the economic crisis in the country.