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Turkey’s Quest for Peace in a World of Conflict

During the opening and closing sessions, “transformations in the international system since WWI, the EU as a post-WWII project, the rise of the global south, regional players and the shifting security equation in the Middle East, the leadership role of women in a time of conflict, new media and trust formation and international cooperation in counter-terrorism” were the focus of discussions and proposed solutions.

The French Islam

” Although the report emphasizes that its primary purpose is to avert radicalization through the power that Islamic doctrines like Wahhabism and Salafism enjoy on social media and financial support of a number of countries, the general tone of the report suggests much more.

Useful for Germany? Largest FETO Getaway on the Spotlight

The comprehensive report expounds the structure and activities of the organization in Germany, considered a safe haven for FETO fugitives and offers a holistic account of FETO in Germany spanning the profile and historical institutionalization of the organization, structure of their network, recruitment methods, affiliated NGOs, schools, financial resources, lobby activities, media outlets, close relations with the German government and provides solutions and strategies for the combat against FETO.