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The Rise and Fall of FETO in Turkish Politics

org/why-should-not-the-west-love-the-gulenists/ Since the struggle between the democratic bloc and the secularist status quo lay at the center of political struggle and FETO’s capability of manipulation through its vast sources of media outlets and control of the intelligence, FETO’s invasion of the state went unnoticed by both the AK Party and the larger public, or not taken seriously enough till the threat it posed to Turkish democracy reached a critical stage.

Germany’s “New Free Policy”

The newspaper also includes stories that read "the legal decision in Turkey will be appealed and the case will be carried to a higher court", along with literature and art news! The newspaper simultaneously threatens its targets and conducts traditional media business.

Coups of TIME

hile theoreticians, who analyze world politics through media continue to guess what will happen throughout the year by looking at the New Year's cover of The Economist, another magazine has been clearly conveying the developments to its readers without any encoded messages by events and people put on the cover.

The Leftist Violence in Turkey

It brought to mind images of vandalized public and private institutions, burnt down public transport vehicles, construction equipment, police cars and even vehicles belonging to the media; damaged ATMs and CCTVs, ransacked shops, uprooted pavements, garbage containers, seized construction equipment driven towards the prime minister’s residence, the burning down of AK Party bureaus… The society’s acquaintance with the left’s relation with violence goes back to the 1970s.

The Misuse of Integration as a Kampfbegriff in Germany

Not only were private media corporations such as Spiegel, Stern, and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung constantly, almost daily, apparent with their traditional tools of anti-Turkish headlines, images and cartoons—who made every effort to strengthen the “No” camp—but also state institutions such as the TV-Channel ARD, which broadcast propaganda regarding Turkey’s referendum by presenting false claims to their audience.