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Combatting Criminal Gangs in Northern Syria

After the security operation While the entire operation began with a huge challenge, and all operations following were reported by several media outlets as “internal fighting among Turkey-backed groups,” in reality, it was a “clean up” operation, with the backing of Turkish Armed Forces.

Turkey’s Quest for Peace in a World of Conflict

During the opening and closing sessions, “transformations in the international system since WWI, the EU as a post-WWII project, the rise of the global south, regional players and the shifting security equation in the Middle East, the leadership role of women in a time of conflict, new media and trust formation and international cooperation in counter-terrorism” were the focus of discussions and proposed solutions.

The French Islam

” Although the report emphasizes that its primary purpose is to avert radicalization through the power that Islamic doctrines like Wahhabism and Salafism enjoy on social media and financial support of a number of countries, the general tone of the report suggests much more.