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Tortured and Imprisoned: Children are Unsafe in Sisi’s Egypt

"He was tortured by electric shocks immediately after his arrest at his detention place in Nasr City's first section to force him to confess that he was one of the manufacturers of weapons used to attack security personnel Ahmed’s mother said, adding that she was surprised by the media reporting about him by showing photos of the children with some weapons in front of him.

How Conflicts between CENTCOM and EUCOM threaten the Turkey-US Safe Zone Deal

In this manner, the latest action by CENTCOM of conducting joint patrols with a YPG front group immediately after the joint Turkish-American patrol at the border region, indicates that CENTCOM knows how to sabotage the deal, and is willing to do so to reassert its position as the main policy-maker in Syria, preferring the interests of its local partner over the US, and to undermine the extensive role of EUCOM.