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The Booming Opium Economy: Will Banning Work This Time?

Read: Why We Should Immediately Switch from Conventional to Sustainable Agriculture The Failure of the War on Terrorism as a War on Drugs The opium economy because of opium’s addictive nature and demand is a booming endeavor that has been used to fund warlordism, state power, and narcoterrorism.

The Latest Gaza-Israel Escalation: How Did It Happen?

Read: “Is It Our Turn to Die?”: Being a Mother in Gaza From Jenin to Gaza PIJ in the Gaza Strip holds Israel responsible for al-Sadi’s life, asking Egypt, which mediated to de-escalate the situation to release him and Khalil Awawdeh, 33, a Palestinian prisoner held under administrative detention (without charge of trail) who has been on hunger strike in Israeli jails for 33 days.