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US Elections: A Game without Winners for Muslims?

Having realized that it has been one of the biggest racist issues in the US for years, Trump, with the purpose of coming to power, uses bigoted statements against Muslims on purpose to tap into a nationalist fear among Americans, which has been perpetuated by media coverage, Hollywood movies, and popular culture for the last few decades.

Prejudice in the Western Media

After the purge of such a bloody military insurgency, Turkey, as a respectable member of the international community, which had held national elections since the 19th century, expected a positive reaction from its Western partners and Western media.

Is German Law Being Politicized?

Although the refugee deal between Turkey and the European Union demonstrated that both partners needed each other, the "Böhmermann-case", the chronic antagonism towards the Turkish government in the German mainstream media and the "Armenian genocide" resolution passed by the German parliament are some of the factors that have caused severe strain in the long-standing relationship between Germany and Turkey.