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The PKK’s Child Soldiers

Nevertheless, if the security forces are not in an immediate danger situation, which means that they do not have to act in a few seconds before a bomb drops on them, they have more of a chance to deal with the PKK’s child militants.

Questions Remain Unanswered as the PKK Enjoys Full Freedom in Europe

Since all the European countries have their own counter-terror laws, what exactly is it that the EU wants from Ankara? Turks are also curious whether if these European standards would allow the state to confiscate assets of terror suspects without a court verdict like here in Belgium, or if social media users will end up in jail for their supportive messages to terror groups, like we witness across many EU member states.

Who Killed Karlov?

Listening to the speech, you may think that the Tahşiye members are terrorists, or you may think that there is a group named Tahşiye, which consists of innocent members who are to be framed! As Gülen’s followers understood his ciphered messages, the operations commenced immediately.

Should Turkey be Optimistic About Trump’s Presidency?

” “If the military succeeds,” he continued, “one of the things that the military immediately said is, ‘We recognize our responsibilities with NATO, we recognize our responsibilities with the United Nations, we want to make sure that the world knows, we are, we want to be seen as a secular nation’.

US Elections: A Game without Winners for Muslims?

Having realized that it has been one of the biggest racist issues in the US for years, Trump, with the purpose of coming to power, uses bigoted statements against Muslims on purpose to tap into a nationalist fear among Americans, which has been perpetuated by media coverage, Hollywood movies, and popular culture for the last few decades.

Prejudice in the Western Media

After the purge of such a bloody military insurgency, Turkey, as a respectable member of the international community, which had held national elections since the 19th century, expected a positive reaction from its Western partners and Western media.