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Will Catalonia Create a Domino Effect in Europe?

The failure of the EU to act as a mediating party in the Catalan crisis, which could have been the most logical method in approaching the issue, was not just about the organization respecting its member states constitutional order, or not having procedures regarding a member country’s division.

EU needs Turkey more, says ex-enlargement chief

hile the relations between the European Union and Turkey have been sore for a while, talking to Anadolu Agency during the ‘International Symposium on July 15 and Coup D’etat – Global Impacts, Media and Democracy’ summit in Kocaeli, northwestern Turkey, ex-enlargement chief Gunter Verheugen criticized the EU for their attitude on Turkey’s membership.

Neither NATO Nor Shanghai Alone: Turkey’s Quest for a Defense System

Comments made by Western politicians and military figures along with the discussions in the public sphere were reminiscent of what can be called a “déjà vu” - Same arguments, similar statements! Not so concerned about the country’s national security, the western public sphere, media and bureaucracy once again diverted their criticisms towards Turkey.