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Why the YPG Can’t Fight Against Turkey

An important question in this regard is: Can the YPG fight and resist against a joint Turkish-Syrian military operation? To put the answer with the words of Aldar Xelil, a leading Kurdish figure, “If they enter, our territory will be destroyed,” stating that they have no illusion of a victory against Turkey.

The Washington Post drops Journalism to a new low

The main goal of the organization is to occupy the eastern and southeastern parts of the Anatolia Region of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq on the lines of revolutionary Marxist-Leninist ideology and separatist ethno-nationalist principles, calling for Kurds to establish an independent state in the region.

Turkey’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy and Operation Claw

Since 2015, taking Operation Olive Branch in Afrin for example, domestic operations to contain the PKK’s urban and rural mobilization in Turkey, as well as Operation Decisiveness and Operation Claw in Iraq, Turkish security forces neutralized more than 15 thousand PKK terrorists in Turkey, Northern Iraq and Syria in total.