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What Awaits Lebanon Following Hariri’s Step-down from Politics

It appears that the Lebanese Sunni leaders understand that now is not the time for petty politics amongst them, especially during an extremely sensitive phase where Iran sits and negotiates with the United States in Vienna not only regarding its nuclear program but also its influence in the region, and while the world is starting to show signs of reconsideration of policies towards the Syrian regime, despite its track record of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Are China and Russia Near a Full-Blown Alliance?

From Syria in the Middle East, to Venezuela in South America to Mali in West Africa and beyond, Russia’s military influence has increased to the extent that, in September 2021, Moscow signed military cooperation agreements with Africa’s two most populous nations, Nigeria and Ethiopia, challenging the traditional dominance of the US and France on the African continent.

Macron, the Gulf, and Islam

Finally, Macron’s visit shows that France can still be an actor in the Gulf and the Middle East, and can defend its interests there; however, its weight is limited, especially in the regional conflicts (Iran, Syria, Palestine, Yemen), not only when compared with the United States, but also with regional powers such as Turkey, Iran, or Russia.

Russian Brinkmanship in Ukraine

Most recently, Ukraine deployed Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones, which proved useful for reconnaissance flights and shooting strategic targets in the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in Syria, and in Libya.