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Morocco-Algeria: Looming Conflict

Read: Hostile Brothers: The Strained Morocco-Algeria Relations Only Serve to Destabilize North AfricaAlthough it is still not known if he did so with the approval of the Moroccan authorities, from Raba, Lapid criticized the “rapprochement with Iran” thus expressing the opposition of the Rabat-Tel Aviv axis to the supposed Algiers-Tehran axis.

Notturno: A Dark Purgatorial World in the Fertile Crescent

One of the actors shouts ‘no to America… no to Iran’ as another video montage throws a blitz of imagery that reveals colonial roots to Iraqi civil war alongside a ‘Palestine is Lost’ mantra; Notturno seems about to end with an Arabic song of lament and the close-up of the actors but instead the film turns back to imagery of the everyday (one of the earlier characters, Ali and his silent work assisting bird hunters).

New Delhi’s Multilateral Approach to Afghanistan

” But now that the Taliban anticipates victory, it sees little or no advantage in forging close diplomatic ties with New Delhi, especially given neighboring Pakistan, China and Iran, along with Russia have each expressed a willingness to accept and normalize a future Taliban controlled Afghan government.