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How Will the New China-Russia Gas Deal Affect the Ukraine Crisis?

Whereas recent events, such as the Russia-China-Iran joint naval exercises, intensifying incursions of Chinese jets into Taiwan's airspace, and the harsh Chinese statements towards Taiwan, stir concerns in Europe of Moscow and Beijing creating a simultaneous crisis in both Europe and the Indo-Pacific region so as to undermine Western influence and earn additional concessions, this scenario is unlikely under the current conditions.

CSTO Mission in Kazakhstan Will Have Implications for Central Asia

Indeed, Central Asia is a resource-endowed and strategic geographic location which is indispensable for establishing steady logistical ties between the East and West, and that once again has turned into an intersection of the strategic interests of such powerful players as Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, and the United States as well as a space for the emerging risks and uncertainties posed by the Taliban rise to power in Afghanistan.

Sudan’s Transition to a Civilian Democracy Is Proving to Be Painful

Now that Hamdok exited the Sudanese political scene, what is the fate of Sudan’s transition to democracy? What will the nature of Sudan’s anticipated democratic future be?Read: Rising Prices and Political Instability in Lebanon, Iran and Sudan Sudan: A nation in constant transition The current democratic transition in Sudan is not the first in the country’s history, and neither is the ruling military Sovereignty Council the first one overseeing a political transition.