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Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

In order to achieve the objectives of this grand strategy, the United States encircled the Soviet Union with a ring of pro-American, anti-Soviet allies such as the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, Greece, Turkey, Iran (pre-1979), Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, and eventually China after the Sino-Soviet split.

Who Killed Karlov?

Two years ago, the organization commenced an operation with its infiltrators within the security forces and the judiciary, accusing the government of being corrupt, which actually targeted Turkey’s relations with Iran and the Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq.

The Karlov Assassination: Questions and Answers

Through this attack, there was an attempt to disrupt the steps taken in the aftermath of the plane crisis for the normalization of relations and for the efforts that have been expended for bilateral (Turkey-Russia) and trilateral (Turkey-Russia-Iran) steps to be taken on Syria.

The Geopolitical Crisis in the Caucasus, Ukraine, and the Middle East

How convincing would it be for North Korea or Iran, or any country, to give up its nuclear weapons in return for any kind of international guarantee? If the international community didn't fulfill its promise to Ukraine, how can we be sure that it will fulfil it for any country? So, despite all of this legal guarantee – although one could argue that there is ambiguity about the level of commitment, though there is still a written commitment in return for nuclear weapons – despite how the Russian occupation and annexation of Crimea has changed the geopolitical balance in the entire region of the Black Sea, despite all kinds of terrible precedents that occupation plus annexation could have in post-WW2 Europe and the world, the West did not do anything.