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The Hindutva War on Christians in India

These radicals have deliberately engineered a “hate storm,” and it’s without coincidence that a wave of attacks were carried out against Christians days after Hindutva hate preachers at the Dharma Sansad (Hindu convention) in mid-December vowed to “kill and die” for a Hindu nation, and “be ready to kill and go to jail,” while others urged Indian security forces to mimic the Myanmar military’s crackdown against Rohingya Muslims.

The Search for a Third Way: The Non-Aligned Movement, G77, and NIEO

Similarly, the unabashedly autocratic and repressive policies of some member states, including massacres and systematic executions of ethnoreligious minorities and/or opposition groups in Egypt, Iran, Myanmar, Syria, and Venezuela, among others, contradict the principles of justice, fairness, and equality that they espouse at the international level.

Will the United States Contain Russia or China, or Both?

application of more diplomatic, security, and economic resources to Southeast Asia, in part to undermine China's growing influence, China has stepped up efforts to strengthen ties with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, especially Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Radicalization and Religion: How It Happens?

The ongoing radicalization of Buddhism in Myanmar or Hinduism in India are highlighting that shift to radicalism that can affect all traditions, not to mention the rise of global Orthodoxy that pursues international projects in contradiction with the international order.