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Does Anyone Care? It’s Time to Break the Silence on Palestine

Read: The Evolution of Apartheid: Why Israel is Becoming a Pariah StateMoreover, what about the deafening silence of feminists? Where is their solidarity with Palestinian women? Terry Reintke, a German politician and member of the European Parliament, lashed out as a “brave” and “powerful” woman against Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention and spoke about the hundreds of women who are killed every year in the country.

An Insider Perspective on the Afghanistan Peace Talks

Colm Quinn, a foreign policy journalist, rightly reports that the letter indicates three ways for future endeavors to bring peace to Afghanistan: to “move matters more fundamentally and quickly” towards peace, holding ministerial-level talks between representatives from Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and India together with the United States to discuss a “unified approach”; a senior-level meeting between the Taliban and the Afghan government hosted by Turkey to take place “in the coming weeks”; and a proposal to implement a 90-day reduction in violence intended to prevent a spring offensive by the Taliban.

Orthodoxy and Russian Foreign Policy: A Story of Rise and Fall

The main question to be determined at the Cretan Pan-Orthodox Council was the following: which of the two patriarchates, Constantinople or Moscow, would lead the Orthodox ecumene? If we look at this issue more broadly, in the context of global geopolitics, the question then becomes which of the two countries, Turkey or Russia, will be the legal successor and heir to the ideological, cultural, and even political heritage of Byzantium as a world center.

Where Does Libya Fit in Biden’s Foreign Policy Priorities?

Read: Has the Libyan Civil War Come to an End?The United States maintains important bilateral relations with foreign patrons on both sides of the Libyan divide, namely Turkey, UAE, Egypt, France, and Russia, and is working to apply pressure on these actors to withdraw from Libya’s conflict by pushing all parties to respect the UN arms embargo, which the UN Panel of Experts recently argued was “totally ineffective.