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Is Trump’s Maximum Pressure Policy against Iran working?

In early May 2019, the temporary waivers granted in November to eight major importers of Iran’s oil, which included Turkey, were ended for the declared intention of bringing “Iran’s oil exports to zero, denying the regime its principal source of revenue,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement following the decision.

Russia’s Escalation in Idlib: What’s the Purpose?

Even if the Assad regime, supported by heavy Russian air support, has managed to reverse all gains by the counter-offensives of the Syrian opposition, the main question remains: Where is the escalation in Idlib heading and what is its purpose? When de-escalation in Idlib ended, Russia’s purpose may have been to force Turkey to implement the Sochi memorandum, or to open the way for the regime axis; but as Turkey stood its ground firm and responded, both sides entered a stalemate.