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What’s Next for the Turkish Lira?

However, this slump was a surprise to many in the sense that the TL has been one of the worst performers among the currencies of the emerging countries, though the economic and financial outlook of Turkey by no means warranted such a grim outcome.

Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

In order to achieve the objectives of this grand strategy, the United States encircled the Soviet Union with a ring of pro-American, anti-Soviet allies such as the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, Greece, Turkey, Iran (pre-1979), Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, and eventually China after the Sino-Soviet split.

Can the PKK be Viewed as a Gender Liberator?

As the PKK declared the end of the 29 month long ceasefire in the Summer of 2015 and murdered two policemen in their sleep in their apartments on 22 July 2015, Turkey started its counterterrorism operations as a response (by the way, multiple news sources in Western media also tends to tell the story in the reverse order by starting it with the Turkish police and military operations against the PKK and then mentioning of the PKK violence as if it was a reaction to the operations).

Echoes of Rasputin in the Modern World

However, both South Korea's Choi Soon-sil and Turkey's self-exiled cult leader Fethullah Gülen give us an idea how such an illogical, irrational influence on people can be established over time to be able to hold political and economic power even without attracting the media spotlight.