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German Federal Elections: Reality ultimately reached Berlin

By gaining only 32,9% of the votes, Merkel’s Union will have 246 seats while the Social Democratic SPD (20,5%) 153 seats, the right-wing populist AfD (Alternative for Germany) party (12,6%) 94 seats (92 without Frauke Petry and Mario Mieruch who recently quitted their party), Free Democratic FDP (10,7%) 80 seats, the left-wing Linke (9,2%) 69 seats and the Greens (8,9%) 67 seats in Germany’s Federal Parliament, the 19th German Bundestag.

Instability awaiting post-election Germany

While perceiving itself as the insurance of the EU and successfully protecting itself from far-right movements, the victory of the xenophobic, anti-immigrant and Islamophobic Alternative for Germany (AfD- Alternative für Deutschland), which received 12.

The Misuse of Integration as a Kampfbegriff in Germany

It is of no surprise that after the referendum which resulted with the victory of the proponents of the constitutional change, populist and racist remarks began to flood in the media: AFD’s Beatrice von Storch tweeted that those Turks who voted for the constitutional change (in her words “Islamic dictatorship”) should please immediately leave Germany.

What the Referendum’s “Yes” means for Europe’s “No”

For example, what is the uniting factor that made the German political parties hold hands siding with the "no" campaign in the Turkish referendum? All political parties, from Christian democracies to Social Democrats, from the Liberals to the Greens movement, from the anti-immigrant AfD to the extreme leftist Die Linke, are making an effort in order for the Turkish people to reject the constitutional amendment.

The Fear of Decline: Cultural Pessimism in Europe

” They have taken to the streets with their activist allies, such as the EDL (English Defense League) or the far more effective PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of Europe), recently winning political influence in various parliaments with their political representatives, the FPÖ, Front National, or the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland), or even creating their own terrorists such as Anders Breivik.