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“Godi Media” in Modi’s India: A War on Journalists?

The Sweden-based V-Dem Institute went even further in its latest report on global democracy in describing India an “electoral autocracy,” and accusing the Modi government of “diminishing freedom of expression, media and civil society” to a point where it’s “as autocratic as Pakistan and worse than its neighbours Bangladesh and Nepal.

Hindutva Radicalization of the Indian Cricket Team

akistan entered the ICC T-20 World Cup with a least than ideal preparation, after both the England and New Zealand cricket teams cancelled their respective tours to the country in September, citing “security concerns,” thus depriving the Green Shirts of a much-needed tune up on the eve of the white ball tournament in the United Arab Emirates.

Indian Government’s Abuse of Muslims Under Global Scrutiny

” When the Indian government suddenly stripped Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status by undemocratically revoking Articles 370 and 35A of the Constitution on August 5, 2019, with the unmistakable intent of changing the disputed territory’s Muslim majority demography, it barely caused a ripple outside of Pakistan.